A big thank you to everyone that volunteered to help. We appreciate it very much!

Our referee told us this is one of the largest competitions ever held by US Figure Skating! Let that sink in a minute. We are going to need ALL HANDS ON DECK. We still have some volunteer spots open. Please help.

SignUp.com is now open to choose volunteer spots for the event. Please feel free to pick multiple spots back-to-back. Once you have signed up for spots, we are depending on you to be there. We simply CANNOT do this without your support.

Volunteers at work

We understand that we are asking a lot of all of you. So, in appreciation, we are having a Volunteer Bash on Saturday August 13, 1:00-3:00 pm at AHCI. Please mark your calendars. Details to follow!

Those who volunteer for any of the locker room attendant positions will need SafeSport training and a USFS verified background check.

Just a reminder that it is very cold 🥶in the facility, please dress warmly in layers, you may want to bring gloves and blankets etc. The volunteer hospitality room will have complimentary food and drinks 🥤🥯☕(hot and cold) available.

Children under the age of 14 can volunteer with adult supervision. The supervising adult, not the under age volunteer, should sign up at SignUp.com.



The first 100 volunteers that select multiple spots will receive a free event T-Shirt.

Gold Star Volunteer Award

This will be awarded to the person who volunteers for the most spots, and fulfills their commitment.

Daily Raffle

Everyone who volunteers on a given day will automatically be entered into the daily raffle basket drawing.

Volunteer Bash

Saturday August 13, 1:00-3:00pm, at AdventHealth Center Ice. It will be a fun party after all the hard work.

Free All Event Ticket

All event tickets cost $60 per person. We are offering every volunteer a free ticket if they volunteer for at least four shifts.

Champions’ Edge Club Members

This is an easy and fun way to perform your annual volunteer hours. Five hours saves $50 on your annual membership. Fifteen hours also gets a free ticket to the annual banquet.

Florida High School Students

Volunteering at National Showcase 2022 is a great opportunity to get volunteer hours to qualify for your Bright Futures scholarship. You will have a ton of fun too!

We Need You

We hope that you will all participate in this fun event. It has been a TON of work and to be quite honest, we’re nervous, as there are a lot of moving parts and we absolutely need volunteers to show up. We cannot do this without you! But above all THIS IS GOING TO BE FUN! The skating is so much fun to watch. This is VERY different from regular figure skating competitions. Please take the time to volunteer, come and watch, and be a part of this once in a lifetime event.

Questions? Email volunteers@championsedgeskatingclub.com.